Steve – Winter 2019

5/6/20. Well, next Sunday we will be leaving a Galveston for Advance RV in Pearland. We really enjoy Galveston but this is no place to be during hurricane season. We went to the beach yesterday (first time) for a couple of hours and had a good time. Most everything is fixed on the rv thanks to our local repair tech (Jeff). Looks like we will spending the year in Texas. Some states are making tou quarantine for two weeks if you come from another state. It’s crazy!

Businesses are starting to open at 25% capacity. Beaches are open. Hair cutters open Friday. Houston currently requires masks in public areas. Yuck!

We will be back in Galveston in November.

4/15/20. We are the throws of Covid-19 still. It seems this whole thing kicked into high gear once we finished our cruise in March. The result is all nonessential businesses are closed including barber shops and restaurants. I’m beginning to look like Bernie Sanders! We are stuck in our rv for most of the day. All the beaches are closed too but some people are saying they may reopen soon. We will be moving to Pearland on May 12 to avoid the hurricane season on the coast.

3/24/20. Well, ok. We are still in Galveston until April 12. Restaurants are take out only and Galveston county has issued a stay at home order starting tomorrow because of the Caronavirus. Travel is allowed only for essential services only – gasoline, food, drugs, liquor. That’s right…. liquor! Love Texas…they know how to prioritize! Actually, the order won’t affect us much because we don’t like crowds anyway. The Prez thinks America will be back to business by Easter but I think that’s a little ambitious. So, who knows? We have enough of most things although the stores are getting bare from hoarders. But, there is enough.

2/19/20. Yesterday was the conclusion of a very difficult time in my life. I had surgery to remove a large mass (inverted papilloma) in my right sinus cavity. Yesterday, we discovered what the biopsy report said. It seems the surgery went well but the tumor had “nests” of cancer inside. The surgeon feels he removed all the cancer plus all the tissue margins. But, because it is cancer, I will be followed every 3 months for at least two years. Any new growth will be removed and biopsied so I feel very confident about my future. I want to thank the many people who prayed for me during this time. Prayers matter!

We opted to stay at the Holiday Inn to shorted our commute to the medical center and had an enjoyable experience. we even scored a free breakfast!

1/25/20 to 2/1/20

We went on a cruise aboard the Carnival Vista to Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Ocho Rios (Jamaica).

This was one of the cabanas on the Serenity Deck
Lots of places to relax
One of the pool areas
Debbie on formal night
Cozumel – 5 ships in port….very crowded
A plaza in Cozumel
Trust me….very hot today!
Went on a “Duck” tour of Ggrand Cayman
They drive on the other side of the street
Once on water we fed the fish
View from the water
We also briefly visited a beach club there
Local Jamaica food
In Ocho Rios, Jamaica we went here for a drink making contest
Our team won

12/2/19. Well, we have been in Galveston for three weeks now and have little to show for it. We had several things to fix on the RV which requires a tech. One big example is the awning topper which was torn from its brackets during a windstorm. Then, there are the doctor visits (in fact I’m at now now)

I’ve set appts for my dentist in February, my retina doc,(ongoing), and my cornea doc (ongoing).

the good news about my eyesight is the possibility of improving my vision in my left eye with a contact lens. We shall see about that. I’ve already had a YAG done there so, maybe so? Who knows?

I will need to get a referral for an Eye Ear Nose Throat guy for my nasal congestion. Also, it’s time for my colonoscopy. Geeee, sounds like I’m an old man!

I’ve ordered Deb’s Christmas stuff already. Didn’t take long since we are on a budget due to our cruise in late January.

1/17/2020. Wow, what a month! A diagnosis of a slow heart rate (which I thought was good) led to a stress test and Echo which proved I’m okay. A routine colonoscopy revealed four polyps which looked benign but no results yet. My stuffed up nose resulted in no allergies but a nose polyp which could be cancerous!

Mercy…….I’ve just received the best blood results I’ve ever received yet I now face possible death from what I thought were allergies is a tough nut because I have a polyp in my nose. Doc said these are usually very aggressive. I thank my wonderful wife for standing my me in this dark time. Today, I’ve had a CT scan and a MRI. My next appt will determine my options. Hopefully, and most likely, the mass is benign and I will only have to endure the surgical effects. But, how can I know this at this time? Faith and family is truly my only recourse at this time.