Steve – Northeast Trip (July 2018 to Oct 1, 2018), Part 6

More pictures from the harbor tour

























































Egg Island























































Bald Eagle
Another Bald Eagle



























































We took one last visit to Acadia National Park and visited a garden and Sand Beach.
























































































10/1/2018  Well, it’s moving day – time to head south before it gets too cold up here.  I will truly miss Maine.  The coastline is beautiful, the people are friendly, the eats are good.  I wish I could have stayed to see the fall colors.  Currently, they are just starting to turn although a few trees are in full color.  We had our first taste of lobster here – it’s good but not great to us.  We sampled Vermont syrup on our pancakes – not impressive unless you count the carbs.  Too thin!

Acadia was a special place for us – especially Sand Beach.  It is beautiful but too crowded!  One reason are the cruise ships which frequent the bay each one bringing 5000 tourests.  Thunder hole was nice too- water rushes into a narrow channel of rock and “thunders” when it reaches the end.

We also spent a lot of time in state parks here.  We would bring our chairs, snacks and music and sit by the water.  It’s so relaxing!

we met some fantastic people too.  We became close friends with Linda and Dwaine.  We went out to dinner several times plus they gave us a list of great restaurants to visit.  Friends forever!

Well, it’s time for me to get this buggy hitched up.  More later.

10/3/18   We arrived yesterday at Delaware Valley KOA (New York)  after driving practically all day in the rain.  Fortunately, the rain had stopped here by the time we arrived so set up was easy.  We were exhausted but ok.  The bonus here is that we got satellite for the first time in two months!

We rested today and went into Cooperstown.  It’s a very quaint village with a lot of shops and the Baseball Hall of Fame.  We did get a slice of pizza and a salad here a walked thru a few shops.  Of course, something had to go wrong….I cracked a tooth eating pizza crust.  Sigh!

Baseball Hall of Fame









10/4/18  We had an uneventful trip to Lickdale, PA.  Had some great burgers in town (see fav restaurant list).

10/13/18  We worked at our church’s food pantry which serves about 175 families each month (sometimes more).







10/23/18  Our first stop out of Crossville is Gadsden, Alabama.  For the first time ever we unhooked and went out to lunch here.  The park is beautiful and our lunch was great too.

i cannot just say we left Crossville.  Crossville is a place where we have roots – people we love and those that love us.  We will always feel at home there.  Thanks for so many memories!

River Country RV Park
River view
Another river view