Steve – Galvestion (1/15/18 to 3/14/18)

My bad.  I have not posted anything while on Galveston Island so I’ve listed below some of the highlights:

We moved from Houston to Galveston to Stella Mare RV Resort.  Its a nice park with friendly staff.  They were adding a splash pad as we were leaving.  On Saturday evenings they provide some food item (hot dog, pizza, BBQ) and on Sunday mornings there is coffee and donuts.  All sites are concrete and at least 90 feet long.  We became friends with our neighbors and will see them at the Cajun Palms Resort soon.

There is a bar down the street named Woody’s which has good Bloody Marys.

We enjoyed the slower pace here.  Houston is just too busy (traffic, noise) for us.  Sea fog was an issue at times and visibility was limited.  It lasted for about two weeks.  Shopping was easy to find and traffic was light except for Mardi Gras and spring break.

Moody Methodist is an excellent church.  We attended the “Upper Room” Sunday School class and the contemporary service.  People were very friendly and are anticipating our return.  We are on their group Facebook page.

We took several day trips down the coast to relax.  We even got on the Bolivar Ferry!

It is always nice to see family while in Texas.  We had an opportunity to see Monica, Jimmy and Pam one afternoon.  Steph and John came over several times – I even taught him how to smoke a turkey!  They plan to buy a smoker like mine soon so I anticipate some great meals next year.  Also, Deb showed Steph how to make a gumbo so expectations are running high.

I have been faithful in practicing my pan flute.  Its harder than it seems because you move the flute with your left hand – the smaller pipes (higher notes) require tighter lips than the lower notes so I need to learn how far to move each pipe to get the right note!  If that isn’t enough to remember, I have to move the pipe at an angle to achieve sharps and flats. Of course you move the flute less for higher notes…..all this leads to frustration…like Solomon wrote….meaningless!