Steve – Crossville (3/10/18 to 7/15/18)

Wow!  Time flies when you are having fun.  We got here April 10…its now May 18!

Lets see if I can catch us up!

We had a very cold spring here at the Crossville KOA.  We had to use the furnace quite a bit.  We are happy to be here with our church family and other friends we know.

Seems like we had a billion doctor visits with more to come.  Debbie is doing really well on her diet so her uric acid and glucose measurements are looking good.  My retina doctor told me threr was swelling near my macula in the left eye so he prescribed some steroid drops which really helped.  He also told me that although my retina was still attached there was little hope for improvement.  My cornea doctor reinforced that prognosis.  sooooo, although that was hard to take, this allows us to travel freely without scheduling around doctor visits.

That means we are headed up to Maine July 15 and are both looking forward to the adventure.  Apparently, we need to set aside a budget item for the toll roads.  sigh…  Well, anyway we should have plenty of pictures to show.

Our quest for a golf cart on the back of our rv is still under consideration.  It is definitely a gray area in Florida law.

Church has certainly been keeping me busy.  I’ve been attending Trudy’s Sunday School class for a while; however, I’m starting a men’s class in two weeks.  I taught a Wednesday night programs on Wisdom, Discipleship (2) and another in mid June.  Also, I’m starting a small group in the church which is open to anyone in June.  Deb and I will both be attending Servant Ministries classes  soon.  Deb is taking Transformational Leadership and I am taking Leading Worship.  Whew!

The really sad part about being here is that we will be leaving here in July and probably will not return for at least two years.  We will be returning to Galveston every year to celebrate Christmas with Steph and her family so its likely we will transfer our membership to Moody Methodist once we get there.  We still intend to keep an associate membership at Homestead.

My flute playing is improving a little.  I’ve purchased several music books (Christmas idea?}  They are called Fake books which have simple scores in the key of C.  Practice practice practice.   I still practice although not as much.

Weight is holding steady but ive lost about 30 pounds since December.  Yeaa,  I’m using diet and exercise.

As we were getting ready to leave Mark (KOA) came to say goodbye and gave us two bottles of wine.  What a wonderful gesture!  We have come to think of the KOA as our second home anyway.

We do keep in touch with Tom M. from the KOA via Marko Polo which is a video chat app you can get on your phone.  Let us know if you want to keep in touch that way!

We shall return in October for a while before working our way back to Houston for the holidays.