Steve – 2019 Wyoming

9/2/19. This concludes our sojourn to Wyoming. What a great time we’ve had here with the beautiful scenery and great eats. Next stop, Colorado Springs!

8/28/19. Took a long drive to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park!

My gal!
The Trail was an easy 1/2 mile hike, although the altitude took a toll. 9440 ft
Bear Lake
Scenes from Trail Ridge Road…above tree line!

8/27/19. Our 42nd wedding anniversary! Still going strong…our plans are to go to a park and then out to dinner…BUT…

Went to Curt Gowdy State Park for an afternoon of sitting under a tree looking at the lake. We were in for a disappointment once we paid the $9 entrance fee. None of the picnic areas had trees! What a bust! Anyway, we left there and had lunch at the Bunkhouse Grill which had really good food!

8/26/19. Toured Cheyenne …ate at the Albany Restaurant (yummy) and then went on a guided tour of the city…found some places we want to visit later. Lots of huge boots all over the city!
These boots are not made for walking!
Lots of older buildings
Did I say they had boots?
He old train depot
Selfie time!
We spent the day at Mirror Lake this time
Handsome guy!
Our next visit was to the Wyoming Territorial prison which was built before Wyoming was a state. Only $7 to enter.
Looks escape proff but there were several.
Some of their notable residents
Butch Cassidy was their most famous
How did this happen?
Inmate bus
The cell blocks
They made brooms to help support the prison
We toured the Ivinson mansion here in Laramie. It was built for about $40,000.
My doesn’t that look comfortable!
Beautiful inside
It had a really nice porch….I could see me there in summer!
Lots of musical things there like pianos and record players
The clock was built into the organ
7/25/19. This was our first day trip in Wyoming. This is Mirror Lake in Medicine Bow National Forest. It’s part of the Snowy Range Scenic Byway.