Steve – 2019 Hill Country

2/17/19. Arrived in Frentress, Tx at the Leisure RV Resort. It’s a nice park but we do not have any satellite reception. WiFi was good.

4/18/19. We volunteered to help stock the shelves for Eloy Methodist Church. This church serves a community where 99% of the school kids are on free or reduced cost lunches. Also, 2/3 of the town is at or below the poverty line. Given all this, this church of less than 25 provides food for over 100 people twice a month. Very inspiring!
They got more food this week because Easter is this Sunday…there were maybe 8 people moving and stocking shelves and freezers.
There were several pallets of food – this picture was taken when we left.
These shelves were mostly empty when we got there. We put in about 4 hours work and were tired once we got back to the RV. But, it was a good type of weariness.

Our site – It was nice but we could net get satellite and WiFi was good so music and movies were our entertainment.
This is their gravel bar where they set up chairs and tents in the water when its warm.
The San Marcos River
Visited the “Painted Churches” of Shulenburg, Tx
Its on fire!
New Braunfels, Tx – This is where we used to ride on tubes down the chute 25 years ago….My how things have changed!
The Comal river
They used to let you tube over the dam….damn
The chute is still there
Drove over to Gruene, Tx
This is where the dance scene from Michael was filmed
The dance hall
The Gristmill Restaurant – really good country food
After three days in Fentress we moved on to Comfort, Tx
Its comfortable in Comfort, Texas
We took our first trip from Comfort on 2/24/19 to Lost Maples state park (one of our favorite places to go in the past). On the way there we spotted a “herd” of buffalo.
Before we got to the park we stopped at Love’s Creek Orchard where they sell the most wonderful apple pie. This time we only got one slice each!
This is the picnic area at the park.
Another view
Yet another view
On our way home now….very hilly… the hill country….amazing!
Deb offered to drive us home so I could relax and take pictures. I took her picture to document this historic event.
The ruggedness of central Texas
This would be a rough place to be without provisions.
2/26/19 Drove to Enchanted Rock near Fredericksburg, Texas
The Indians thought this rock had special spiritual powers
There is a trail many take to the summit
One of the beauty queens ice found along the way
This place is stoned
Had to take a pic of catus
Primitive camping – a shelter and firepit only
From Enchanted Rock we went to Fredericksburg, Tx….cute town with many stores
This is not your usual tourist town…..many of the stores are very nice
Cute bench in the cowboy style
Debbie found a new friend – we returned home after walking around a bit
3/1/19 Took a trip to Ingram, Texas to see the starving artists but apparently they have starved. Not much there except antique shops which are useless to us. We spotted this guy at an art institute nearby. He is an Easter Island look alike!
This was next to Mr Easter. Stoned! (Stonehenge replica)

3/2/19 to 3/6/19 Brrrrr too cold to do anything! We didn’t go out unless absolutely necessary.

3/6/19. After a good lunch we went back to the Art Institute to look around. This felt really good because we were stuck inside the event for the last three days due to cold weather.
3/9/19. Took a trip to one of our favorite parks
The Frio River
View from a pullout
Happy gal
Deb hugging a bald Cypress…we have something in common
I like this one…soon there will be hundreds of people here
They have trails in these mountains…..not today!
Had to take this dam picture!
More swimming areas…flip flops required!
Nice handsome guy!
At Camp Verde….Gelato

Camp Verde was an old nineteenth century camel depot used by the army- today, it’s a nice gift shop and restaurant
The gardens
Took a trip to Bandera…it’s a cowboy town…lots of tourists
3/14/19. Tried to go to Pedenales State Park but were not allowed in due to overcrowding (spring break) so we had lunch in Johnson City (LBJ) and then visited a couple of wineries

3/19/19. Well, tomorrow we leave Comfort, Texas and head toward Ft. Stockton. It should be an easy trip and there are many things to do once we get there. Comfort is a nice quiet town with a few good restaurants. The campground here (RV USA) is very quiet but older and lots of permanent people here. We are really enjoying our tour of Texas.

3/20/19. Pulled into Ft Stockton RV Park
Our view
Went to Sand Hills state park … there are sand dunes in the middle of the desert that you can slide down on disks
The disks
The campground
The dunes
The picnic area
The town mascot (beep beep)….actually his name is Paisano Pete

3/22/19. Today, we went grocery shopping followed by sightseeing. Unfortunately, our first attempt to see something were dinosaur tracks but we passed right by it because you need to know it is at a certain picnic area without any signage. We did score some good burgers at McCamey (see our fb post). Ok, now we are full, we head toward an area struck by a meteor —— we never saw the sign, so the big hole in the ground remains undiscovered by us. They say when given lemons we should make lemonade. I day we should make margaritas!

No Fields Found.
3/23/19. Went to Big Bend National Park….it was a long trip but worth it
The Rio Grande
Went to the Davis Mountains
Also visited Ft Davis…enlisted quarters
The officers quarters
3/29/9. Visited White Sands National Monument
The dunes can be 60 feet tall

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