Steve – Beaux Bridge, La. (2/15 to 3/29, 2017)

  1. 2/15/17. Arrived at Cajun Palms Rv Resort

2/16/17  Got groceries and relaxed outside a lot.  Chatted with some of our neighbors who were very friendly.  They told us we are on the “quiet” side of the park.  Apparently, someone (drunk?) drove their golf cart into the lake.

2/17/17  Drove down to New Iberia because we could.  Loved seeing the azaleas and big oak trees along the way.  Ate at Pizza Village – one of our favorite places to go!

2/22/17  Visited Arcadian Village – a replica of how Cajuns lived in the 1860s

Later, we went to Prejean’s and split one of their big plates.  We also shared some fried green tomatoes covered my a creamy shrimp sauce. (Wonderful)

2/24/17  This is Marti Gras weekend!  Our RV park is expecting 200 rigs in today.  We can’t leave the RV today because of the line of RVs coming in!  That’s a lot of humanity!  The coming pics are of the excitement at our park….like a decorated golf cart parade where they throw beads, they are bring in bands to play, several movie nights.   Let the party begin!

2/24/17.  What a difference a day makes!  This morning we lived in a sleepy community of RVs.  This evening we are surrounded on every side by loud music, a mass of humanity in fiberglass, and a plethora of golf carts.  Deb is wanting one but there’s no way to make that happen.  And this, they say, is the quiet side.   More to come on this developing story.

We watched the golf cart parade and got lots of beads  (OnFacebook).

The end result: BEADS (and a toy gator)


After the parade some nice ppl brought us some crawfish (and showed us how to eat them).

After the parade (and a brief nap) we went over to the club for a little dancing.

2/27/2017.  Took a short trip to the dollar General and found this:

Not impressive?

Here’s the sign post:

Widow Lane….wait for it…

Widow Lane is a dead end!

2/27/17. We were just informed my Aunt Gloria passed away last Friday at the age of 97.  My prayers go out to the family and friends.  She was quite a lady.

3/1/17. It’s been two weeks since we arrived at the Cajun Palms. This weekend they’re having a cracklings  and jambalaya cook off.  Today, we went to Lake Fausse Point state park… everything was closed!  Later, we ate st Pat’s (see my review) with mixed results.

3/4/17. It’s happening at the Cajun Palms RV Resort cracklins and boudin fair!  Everything (including boudin) was good.










Lots of ppl there






And dancing to a live band

3/8/17. Went to paragon casino today.  It’s about 1 1/2 hours away.  It’s  a little smaller than those we usually visit but we had fun!  Very safe too.. Sheriff convention in progress!  Buffet was $10 and very good.  They also have an RV park for $25.






3/11/17. 3pm. Live band at the Cajun Palms.  Nick-L-Beer

3/13/17. We have a new member to our family.  I’m so excited he is here although he does have a smoking problem.








3/16/17. Steph comes to visit!  Ate at Crawfish Town…wonderful Cajun pasta.

3/17/17. Toured Oak Alley Plantation.  Good food here too but not enough.














I3/18/17  Craft fair at the park followed by jambalaya cook off.






Steph and Debbie






Lots of ppl at the cook off (30 Booths)






Wonderful ness!

3/19/17  Went to church (Covenant) and Landry’s in the afternoon.  The food was good but the “Wow” factor wasn’t there.  Also, this was the first of over 500 locations!

3/22/17  I made my first batch of pork ribs on my new smoker…..OMG…Wonderful.  Sorry, no pics because they went fast!

3/25/17. Drove thru terrible thunderstorm to get to uncle Jake’s place in Baton Rouge.












Then we went dancing at the RV park!



3/29/17. This is Neil and Debbie Who were our neighbors at Cajun Palms.  We had a wonderful time together – they brought us food, tobasco, and a 30 amp extension cord!  They are very generous people who have a great heart!