Steve – Crossville, Tn (4/18/17 to 10/2/17)

  1. 4/:19/17 – Went to Homestead UMC WNL program.  It was great seeing out old friends again.  We were definitely missed!

5/4/17. We are ate the Fairfield Inn in Knoxville today because we have an early appt with my eye doctor..  He will cut my cornea to hep reduce my astigmatism.  Hope this works.

5/5/17. Well, the short version of the doctor visit is that I had a detached retina in my left eye for a while.  I am scheduled for surgery on Monday but Dr Miller does not expect vision in that eye to be much better than 20/200 afterward.  This is a huge setback considering I’ve spent the las 18 months working toward normal vision.  I am upset, hurt, and disappointed.  But, I’ve decided not to let this destroy me and plan to get in shape and work around my disability instead of being defeated by it.  I would appreciate prayers not only for my surgery on Monday but also for my new desire to be physically fit.

5/8/17 Eye surgery today at 8:30am.  The surgery went well but it will take a month to recover with no promises of good vision.  Have to keep my head down for 50 minutes of every waking hour to help the gass bubble press against my retina. Dr appt tomorrow.

5/9/17. Dr appt at 1:50pm.  Back and shoulders sore from bending over.  Eye bandage removed too.  Dr says it looks good for the day after surgery.  Eye pressure up some but this is normal.  He prescribed 3 sets of drops to take and  scheduled a follow up visit in Crossville next Wednesday.  I can now alternate left, right and down positions during waking hours.

5/10/17 to 5/16/17  Dr has me alternately laying on my left side, laying on my right side and head down during waking hours.  Boredom!  But, it’s needed to push the gas bubble in my eye against the retina.

5/17/17  Dr visit in Crossville.  He said the eye was healing normally but may take a while to completely heal (1-3 months).  Deb has been great and has generously applied “smothering mothering”.

5/18/17  We cancelled our trip to Maine since we will be in Crossville until November (or so).

6/10/17  I was given a chance to lead a men ‘s group at church (2-3 weeks ago); however, it was too unstructured for me.  But…today, I talked to Mark (KOA) about a Bible study here and he will refer me to another camper here.  He seemed excited about the idea.






6/28/17. Lots of stuff to report today.  Last night’s Bible study at the KOA brought in 8 people and we think more will come next time!

i just got back from Dr Shuller’s  office where I got a wonderful report.  The retina looks good – he even said ” we got some help from above.”  No restrictions on weight, altitude or exercise. (Ok, no roller coasters).  So, I’m now back to my cornea doc to get a relaxing incision on the cornea.

i also have a eye doc appt with Dr Bosanko for contact lens tomorrow.





9/26/17  Wow, I cannot believe how lazy I’ve been updating my blog.  My bad!  Well, lets try to catch some thing up.  Last week I visited my retina doc who said the retina looked great…let’s see you in 6 months.  My cornea doc said there were some dry cells on my cornea probably caused by my retina detachment so he also wants to see me in 6 months,  So guess where we will be in 6 months (again).  I’m not really complaining because we have such good friends here from our church and community  but its keeping us away from  our dream – touring the country in our RV.

Our time in Crossville has been eventful.  We joined a Wednesday morning book study which was just finishing a book on Spiritual Warfare and began a study on the Screwtape Letters by C S Lewis.  The great thing about the book study was its location – The Grinder House Coffee Shop.  e took the church outside the walls of our building!

I was honored to teach several Wednesday night classes on various topics.  The group thar meets on Wednesday are so receptive to the Word.  What a blessing.

Debbie and I also led a 8 week study at the Crossville KOA on Christian – Its Not What You Think by Andy Stanley.  The video led series had between 0 and 13 participants.  The reason participation varied so much was because of the transient nature of the campground.  Maybe we can do that again.

We leave for Robertsdale, Al on Monday with a stopover in Gadston, Al.  I’m sure we will get our fill of great seafood while there.

I’ve added a new page to my blog header for education.  .  This will have my education and books I’ve read.

9/27/17  Rick and Jane invited us to their house for dinner.  It started with a pontoon boat ride on the lake complete with daiquiris and Isconsin cheese.  We later had wine with pork tenderloin…yummy!
























10/2/17  Overnight stop at River Country (see RV Parks Visited for pics)