Steve – Houston (Dec 2016-Jan 2017)


1/5/17 My Unexpected Shower


Seriusly, you can’t make this stuff up! Today, I went outside to flush our holding tanks (a necessary but unsanitary task in an RV) while Deb was in the shower. I got the tank drained and was hooking up another hose to flush the tank when the faucet broke off and shot a stream of water at least 15 feet high in the air! It soaked me because I was bending over the faucet at the time trying to put the hose on. Meanwhile, Deb was in the shower when the water cut off leaving her in a rather soapy state. She was wondering “what has that boy done now?” I rush into the rv (dripping wet) and call the park office. They turned the water off and fixed the problem a little later.

Deb said God was telling me to get cleaned up more often! I’m not sure if that’s the case but it did get my attention. The photo is of the park folks checking it out.

1/6/17. Kinda dreary outside and Deb has been busy getting things ready for everyone tomorrow. We only have two weeks left in the Houston area before we head on over to Robertsdale, AL to spend some time with her brother. The web site is still rough but I think it’s getting better each day.

Aparently, there’s a new watergate situation here. The guy two sites over had the same problem with his faucet. Fortunately, they fixed that in about an hour (I’m guessing they have a lot of experience).

i’m also thinking about getting back to my Greek studies. I haven’t done anything with it since I left Crossville. I’m starting to forget my Alphas and Omegas!

1/7/17 Family enjoying sloppy joes at our rv.

1/8/17. Worshipped at League City UMC, 11am contemporary service. There were about 30 worshippers there and a 10 person band. They didn’t play anything we knew but we enjoyed it anyway. The sermon was especially good: He talked about how Mary and Joseph left Jesus in Jerusalem and couldn’t find him for three days. My first hunch was this was going to be a metaphor on the Home Alone series but instead focused on how we often leave Him behind in our daily walk by doing things we shouldn’t. Very impactful sermon on righteous living.

1/10/17 Met our good friend Larry Bennatt for lunch today at Susie’s restaurant. Larry goes back a long way with us (30+ years) so there was plenty to talk about! He came over to the RV … that is….Home to see what all the fuss was about. Friendships just endure and Larry will always have a special place in our heart.


Had a great lunch with Evelyn today at Don-keys restaurant. We really enjoyed recalling old times and (of course) the great Mexican (Tex-Mex) food. The wheather has been wonderful with cool breezes all day. It’s hard to imagine we are leaving on Monday for Alabama.


Debbie and I finding ourselves sitting outside our RV tonight again. It’s in the 60s and feels wonderful.

1/13/17. Had lunch with Debbie’s high school friend, Patty McCoy Eason at Tia Juanita’s Fish camp!  We also made a run to Jackson Packing House to score some sausage for Bo and us!

1/14/17. Ever have a carefully prepared meal go South on you?  Steph was coming over to enjoy my meatloaf and oven fries.  Everything was set.  I have left nothing to chance except my two pans of meatloaf surfing to the floor!  They slid out of the oven so quickly I couldn’t stop their eventual resting spot on the floor, upside down.  I was furious!  After I cleaned the mess I went and got Subway sandwiches.  Deb and Steph sampled what was left and told me it was the best I ever made!   Ohhh well.

PS.   Steph and Deb are singing Meatloaf songs all afternoon.

1/15/17. Went to church at League City UMC and the sermon topic was Trusting God.  It’s a nice church although I think we will be in Pearland next year so we will be going to church there.  Met Steph at Carrabba’s Restaurant and had a wonderful meal (Mezaluna).

Wow, our last night here.  It’s hard to imagine.

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