Steve – Spring / Summer 2020

9/20/20. What a crazy year this has been! The pandemic has affected everyone worldwide. Our stock markets are filled with uncertainty. Plus, add to that an active hurricane season. Whew! So, the unexpected happened again. We had been home from Bryan only three weeks when tropical storm Beta made its way toward the Texas coast. Having winds of 60 mph this storm must be taken seriously. So, once again, we pack our stuff and head to Conroe. We figure another 50 miles will keep us away from most of the storm issues. We expect to stay here a week before moving on to the hill country. We are not planning to go back to Advanced. These evacuations are tiresome!

On a much brighter note, once we got set up in Conroe we went to a really nice TexMex restaurant off Hwy 105 where somebody picked up our $55 tab! It was a very humbling experience.

8/26/20. Well, tomorrow is our 43rd wedding anniversary. I’m getting notifications about Debbie’s gifts are arriving on a regular basis. Only problem is they are going to Houston!

8/26/20. Well, we are still in Bryan, Texas in a very full RV Park. Lots of Texas and Louisiana license plates here. Looks like hurricane Laura shifted East so Houston is no longer under a tropical storm warning. The storm is currently a category 4 storm which could push flood waters up to 40 miles inland. The storm surge could be 20 feet high…damage is expected to be heavy. The forecast here is muggy weather.

8/25/20. I’ve got good news and bad news today. The good news is that my doctor says I’m still clear of any growth in my sinus and wants to see me in January. The bad news is that I’m currently in Bryan, Texas because we had to evacuate our base in Pearland because of hurricanes Marco and Lauren. Marco probably won’t affect us; however, Lauren will probably bring us 35 mph winds for a while. The Houston area may get 100 mph winds early Thursday morning. We are so happy we evacuated. We had the park here extend our stay for two weeks because we don’t know what condition the Pearland Park will be in after the storm. We hope to return on Sunday but we must have power there before we return.

6/10/20. Yesterday, we went to my eye doctor and got a good report and ordered more contacts. Today, we went for blood work. Fun fun. This is our COVID life! I know this will pass eventually but gzzzz it’s taken a while. Once the vaccine is out we are hitting the road!

5/29/20. Steph, Jon, Debbie and I were going out to celebrate my birthday at Perry’s Steakhouse. We ordered drinks and an appetizer and the lights went out! So, we finish the appetizer and it’s still dark so we leave and head over to Papa Gayo for dinner. As soon as we walk in the lights go out there. It was still storming and raining heavy and we thought Gzzzz., can this really happen twice? About a minute later the lights came on and stayed on. We had a nice dinner together! Later, Deb and I had a homemade strawberry birthday cake. She blew out the candles twice before she let me do it!

The following Friday we were headed over to PF Chang’s for lunch. Deb called ahead and they still haven’t gotten power back from the storm!

5/21/20. The only significant update was a post operation doctor visit. He said everything was “as it should be”. Good news! I’m now on a 3 month recall now and if my next visit goes well he plans to extend it to 6 months! Not much else going on…we sit outside in the evenings listening to music. We eat out a couple of times a week. That’s kinda fun. Restaurants open to 50% capacity on Friday.

5/10/20. We arrived in Pearland with no problems except losing hub cap (again): sigh. Today was Mother’s Day so Steph came over for the afternoon.

They opened barber shops last Friday…yea. Scored a redneck haircut yesterday. Deb is going Thursday and Friday. Just to remind you these services have been banned for unite a while due to the Caronavirus.