Steve – Robertsdale, Al (10/3/17 to 11/1/17)

10/6/17.  Well, you don’t say…we RV full time to avoid severe weather…so, where are we?  Robertsdale, Al (near Mobile) facing down storm/hurricane Nate.  We will spend tomorrow at Bo’s house and return Sunday afternoon.  I guess it could be worse…after all, he is a good cook!






10/9/17  Well, to cut a short story even shorter, the hurricane blew in about 80 miles to the west so we had nothing more than a tropical storm.  No damage to the rv (didn’t even lose power).

10/15/17  Booked our cruise!

10/17/17  Drove down to Ft Walton Beach and had lunch.

















10/19/17  had dinner with Don and Patti from the RV park.  Went to DeSoto’s in Gulf Shores followed by ice cream later.  Yummy.








0/20/17  Went to the Gulf Shores Pavilion today.  Nice cool breezes.




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