Steve – Fall:Winter 2018 (Part 2)

Nov 14 – Arrived at Stella Mare RV Resort in Galveston, Texas.  This is a really nice park with long sites.

We have been very busy with doctor visits and getting things done.  The next day I had a dentist appointment because I lost teeth that anchored it in my mouth.  He wants to let my gums heal more before he does an impression so that’s postponed until January.

Deb and I both had “physicals” and lab work to do too.  I use quotes because we were both under the weather.  Deb had a severe sinus issue and was going thru two boxes of tissue a day.  I had fallen on steps at the park office that morning.  My toes were severely bruised, my chest was bruised where I hit a picnic table, couldn’t sleep in bed for three days and walk like a prom queen.  Other than that, I was feeling good.  Once the lab work was done, we celebrated by having Shipley Donuts and kolaches on the seawall.

December 6- we replaced our WiFi range extender today.  Apparently, when the antenna blows off and the resulting cavity fills with rain water it isn’t covered by insurance. Grrr  Cost to us $750.

We also prepped for the Chili contest this Saturday at the RV Park.  Everything is browned, chopped and roasted.

Dec 7 – Today, we put all the ingredients together and made the chili.  Samples revealed this is as good as our Maine chili where we won first place.  Intel says there are about 6 other entries for tomorrow’s contest.

12/9/18  Today was bittersweet as we moved our church membership from Homestead UMC to Moody Memorial Methodist Church.  We did this because we won’t be in Tennessee for quite a while but shall return to the Galveston area every Yoder for the holidays.  We still love our friends in Crossville and will never forget them; however, we are looking forward to making new relationships here in Galveston with our new church family.  In face, we have already shared a Thanksgiving meal with a couple in our Sunday School class and I’ve been asked to lead a series in Sunday School in January.

2/6/2019. Well, after all that work we got second place in the chili contest. Our prize was a mini bbq set. Oh well, there’s always next year!

Stephanie often comes to visit on weekends and usually leaves with a bag of goodies. She has taken home gumbo, ribs, meatloaf, smothered steak and sausage plus what ever she can find in the fridge!

We have had lots of doctor appointments too I now understand why old people go to the doctor so much. My eyes continue to be in good shape so I’m still the primary driver.

We will soon be leaving Galveston and will spend a month in Comfort, Texas. I hope it is (comfortable).

2/16/19. Tomorrow, we are headed for points west in our Great Adventure. It’s been fun here in Galveston. We have joined Moody Methodist Church and have many good friends here. We also have made friends with some in the park too. There are actually three DRVs here now. We got our rig detailed recently so it’s gonna look great going down the highway. The weather has been blustery this trip. Making our awnings flap at night (keeping us awake). Despite this, we have enjoyed our stay despite Deb thinking it’s too cold.