Steve – 2019 Colorado

9/13/19. We took a short trip to Pueblo, Colorado where we ate lunch and went along their Riverwalk. We later went to a farm which grows the famous Pueblo chili (we bought 10).

The Riverwalk
The chili store – they would roast them for you if you bought a bushel.

9/10/19. We took a rail tip into the Royal Gorge!

9/6/19. We visited the Garden of the Gods today and the park was so full we could not find a parking spot!

9/4/19. We went to Cripple Creek today. There was a train ride. Of course we took it!
The riders!
Echo Valley….Valley…Valley
Our ride
Old abandoned mine
My escort
Old mining equipment
Old train tunnel
The town of Cripple Creek
9/3/19. Our 187 mile trek today landed us in Colorado Springs KOA.