Steve – 2019 Arizona

I will begin posting newest posts first so you don’t have to scroll thru the whole file to see the latest items. Easier for everyone!

6/1/19. Our last day in Arizona! It’s been quite a trip. These sights will stay in our hearts and minds for quite a while. We spent the night in Kingman, Az at a nice park. Next stop….Nevada!

5/24/19. Visited Meteor Crater today. A huge rock hit the earth about 50,000 years ago traveling at 26,000 mph creating this mile wide and 500 foot deep hole.
They said if you traveled that fast you could leave New Your and be in California in 5 minutes.
They drilled for the meteor at the bottom but were unsuccessful
This is part of the rock that hit earth and was found some distance away.. it weighs about 1000 pounds.
5/17/19. Drove thru the Painted Desert
The Desert Inn was built by the CCC in the 1930s. It is now a museum and gift shop.
A pyroglyph
Check out those prices!
Pueblo ruins
A relic of Route 66
5/16/19. On Route 66 in Holbrook, Az there is a WigWam Motel where you can sleep in a TeePee. Takes me back to my youth!
They Evan have vintage cars!
Look at those chompers!
Petrified wood everywhere
A petrified log spanning a chasm
Wow, what a visit!
5/0/9. Our last trip to Grand Canion on this trip
It still takes our breath away. You would not believe how close to the edge people got while doing selfies. It’s 5000 feet to the river!
Waiting for the bus!
Day 2 at the Grand Canyon
Deb, step back a few steps!
We spotted an elk!
Love this pic!
Golly, what a gully!
A long way down
5/6/19. Of course, no trip to Arizona would be complete without going to the Grand Canyon.
There are rafting tours which last 6 days on the river. These tours are booked two years in advance. The boats are as big as a bus although they look tiny from above.
The pictures don’t truly show you the beauty.
We are going back to the canyon tomorrow.
4/26/19. Visited Casa Grande ruins – the structures were built by American Indians about 1350AD but lived there much earlier. They may have abandoned this place because of overcrowding and floods (they think).
This was the grand house…perhaps a temple
A replica
Holes for poles to support floors and ceilings
4/23/19. Visited San Xavier Mission today – built in 1693 by American Indians under priest supervision
Truly beautiful
The mortuaryt
The gardens
The frescoes were amazing
4/16/9. This place was like a large petting zoo where you could feed the animals
Parakeets – They gave us a stick with attached seeds to feed them
fallow deer
Goats – they loved the green pellets we gave them
Sheep for your sleep!
Lorikeets – these we noisy and aggressive. They gave us nectar to feed them.
Finally, we fed the stingrays. They have to barb or teeth so they “vacuumed” the chopped squid into their mouths.
4/12/19. Toured Old Tucson which is an old movie studio turned theme park. They created an entire western town to film their movies.
Beautiful country. One other thing, it is in the middle of nowhere, USA.
The restrooms
4/9/19. Visited Sabino Canyon Recreation Area – The only access to the park are shuttle busses, lots of people come here … the parking lot was packed! There are many trails to visit but it was far too hot for us!
Cactus, cactus, cactus
So rugged
The canyon
The road was basically one lane

4/6/19. Arrived in Picacho, Az. This is a really small town. How small is it? This town is so small the only business is the rv park where we are staying.

4/4/19. Revisited Tombstone and Boot Hill

The Clinton’s were important in Tombstone
Lots of unknown people here
She took a cut from every oriental worker in the city
Bad way to go
“Lawmen” at a saloon
4/3/19 Toured a copper mine in Bisbee Az
Rode an electric train like the miners did
The toilet
Fossils found in the mine
4/2/19 Drove up Lemmon Mountain – wonderful scenery
Majestic but rugged
4/2/19 We also drove thru Saguaro National Park – so unique
The wildflowers were coming out
4/1/19 Went to Tombstone, Az….had so much fun we are going back!
Jumping into the old west
Gunfight at the OK Coral
A soiled dove quarters (working lady)
A hearse
Big Nosed Kate’s Saloon (She was Doc Holiday’s girlfriend)
Set for a comedy gunfight
Oldest newspaper n Az
Downtown Tombstone
Had our picture made!
I can see thru this scam!
A nice way to end the trip