Steve’s Blog

12/31/16. Hi everyone! This is my first post on our new web page. It’s still pretty rough but will improve with age (like me).

My last several years in Crossville have been amazing. We have now left many good friends to spend time on the road meeting new friends and seeing new places. Currently, we are in League City which is very close to Houston and plan to stay here until later in January.

Christmas Eve was great and was able to spend time with our daughter (Stephanie) and her husband (Jon) and then Christmas Day with our nieces and their families. Holidays are always better with family!

i do miss our friends, small group and church family we left behind in our quest for the open road. The great experiences we’ve had in our last eight years cannot be duplicated but remain firmly embedded in my memory. Thankfully, our schedule will allow me to return at times and visit our cherished friends.

Although we are in Houston now, Deb and I agree our Great Adventure does not start until we leave Houston. We think it will encompass more than social gatherings and Sunday church attendance.

i hope you visit our site often and check up on us. We will try our best to keep it current!

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