Steve – Fall 2020

2/26/21. As you can see we have not posted anything since the beginning of the year so it’s time to catch up!

Stephanie has filed for divorce after seven years of marriage. It’s a shame when any marriage fails but in this case I think it is the best thing for both of them. There is a hearing on 3/2 which will get the ball rolling there.

I’ve had some distressing news lately. Last year they removed a large tumor from my right sinus which had cancer “nests”. I was told there was nothing to worry about because the doctor scraped the bone clean. A year later he discovered a growth in my right sinus which was cancer. I am now diagnosed with stage 4A cancer and have surgery scheduled for Tuesday, March 2. The prognosis is good; however, I must also endure radiation and chemo therapy for 6 weeks. I know it will be tough but I also know I have the love and support of my wife, daughter, family and friends.

New Years – we went out to Saltgrass Steak House with a couple from the rv park. That was really nice but we were in the rv by 7…in bed by 10pm. Exciting! Damn, I hate getting old!

Christmas- Merry COVID Christmas! Haha…we are not decorated for Christmas because Jon is still occupying the house. We’ve been watching some specials on tv…but, we still limit our outside activities a lot. I fixed a sous vide brisket followed by a tour in the smoker(my best so far). I also served my jalapeño popper dinner rolls which went over well. Steph came over and we had a great time.

11/28/20 (Saturday). Steph came by to cook for her “Friends-Giving” celebration tomorrow. We had a really nice Thanksgiving with her on Thursday too.

11/2/20. Today we brought Allie to the vet to be put down. It’s such a sad day when “a member of the family” goes away but her medical condition gave us no other option. We will certainly miss her in our lives.

10/31/20. Today (Saturday) is sad because we found out Allie, our cat of 10 years is very sick and needs to be put down on Monday. She has massive kidney issues (among other things) and the vet said there was nothing she could do. We took her home for the weekend just to say goodbye.

10/1/20. Arrived in Fredericksburg, Texas today after a brief drive from Conroe. We have since enjoyed our stay here..don’t have to worry about tropical storms! This is a fun city and we really like this rv park (The Vinyards). Today (Thursday) we went out to a German restaurant (Auslaner) and really enjoyed the food. This is an odd year because of the virus. We stayed in Texas because states were closing borders to visitors and making them quarantine for two weeks. Too much uncertainty!

9/23/20. Tropical storm Beta has passed but not before dumping 12 inches of rain in Pearland where we were. We are thankful we left! Of course, we had issues here too! We decided to get new RV batteries (it was time) plus there was a storm coming so we went into Conroe to get them. The store only had one so we had to go into Willis to get the other (another 7 miles). We got back and put them in but they didn’t work. It turns out I put them in backwards! Bless my heart! We called an RV tech who came out and fixed my error. The only consequence so far is I blew out out two maxxfans (not a big deal). You see, all it takes is money!